How To Let Go Of  Jealousy Through Acupressure

Have you ever seen someone do a yoga pose and wished you looked like that person?  Instead of feeling happy for their success you feel jealous?  Whenever I have those feelings, I laugh to myself.  Why would I think because someone is successful, that I won't be successful in the pose?  As if there is not enough abundance in the world to go around to everyone?

If you ever feel this way in yoga, bring your attention back to yourself.  Let yourself be inspired by those around you, and let yourself feel the infinite possibilities of yoga.  Life is not a race to finish and we all get there in our own time.  Trust that if you do yoga on a regular basis, your life will change, your body will change, and you will find your own way.

Here is a self - acupressure technique that uses a yoga hand mudra and can help ease anger and jealousy.

1.) Sit with a straight spine
2.) Rest the backs of your hands on your legs and touch the tips of your thumbs to your middle finger.  Close your eyes and breath deeply for a few minutes.
3.) The thumb represents letting go and middle finger represents your mental and emotional heart.
4.) Release your fingers and breath deeply for one minute longer.  On the exhale say to yourself "I let go of jealousy" and on the inhale say to yourself "I open to the abundance of life."

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